The Oldest House in Tampa Bay was acquired by EquiAlt in 2017 because CEO, Brian Davison, saw something special in the bones of the old home. “I bought it because I saw it as a piece of Tampa history,” he said. It should be preserved correctly and brought back into the community.”

Renovations to the dilapidated home will be slow as there is much work that goes into restoring a historically designated home. There are numerous steps behind the scenes, including special permitting and incredibly specific design detail. EquiAlt has hired Ferrell Redevelopment, one of Florida’s leading historic preservation architects to lead this project and is working in close conjunction with Tampa’s Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Department to ensure the best possible restoration. The home has already been designated a local historic landmark. Strict adherence to preservation guidelines is being maintained so that EquiAlt can apply for state and federal historic status.

At this time, plans for the eventual use of the restored home have not been solidified. Likely, it will become additional office space for the growing EquiAlt team. Most importantly, it will be a beautifully preserved piece of Tampa history for the community to see. “Our goal is to have a fully restored oldest house in Tampa,” said Davison. “And we want hundreds of people to drive by it every day.”

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